Fall is nearly here, and temperatures throughout the Burlington area will begin to cool down soon. By mid-autumn, it might even be time to switch off the air conditioning and flip the thermostat to “heat” as morning and night temperatures start to drop. To put it simply, it’s now the perfect time to get your HVAC system prepared for the fall and winter months. Here are the concern areas to concentrate on.

Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter likely is packed with dust, dirt, and pollen. Merely eliminate and dispose of your filthy air filter and replace it with a clean filter. This small action takes less than 2 minutes and can have you and your household breathe cleaner air.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Fall suggests lower nighttime temperatures, a considerable drop in humidity, and a cooler house interior.


Turn your air conditioning off when daily temperature levels are listed below 75 degrees or whatever temperature is most comfortable inside your house. You’ll see a rapid decline in month-to-month energy costs versus what you experienced during the late spring and summer season. If you’re getting cold overnight or in the early mornings, you may even want to change your thermostat to the heat setting in November.

Clean Around Your HVAC

Even though days will be mostly warm, you might still see rain, even a random hailstorm or high winds impacting your outside cooling unit. Take a little time to remove plants that have grown over the summertime,  storm debris, tree limbs, fallen fruit from your trees, and other potential risks that may obstruct your HVAC system’s blower and evaporator coils.

Schedule Your HVAC Check Up

Just like scheduling a yearly physical with your doctor, scheduling maintenance for your HVAC system can add years of effective cooling, heating, and your interior air quality.


While lots of house owners schedule an air conditioning tune-up before the summer season begins, fewer homeowners take the time to schedule a fall upkeep check to guarantee the heat pump or furnace is working as it needs to be. This can be a costly mistake that can leave you in the cold when you need heat the most in the cooler months.

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