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Whether you’re prepared or not, the summertime and warmer weather condition are gone, moving aside for fall and cooler temperatures. That means here in Burlington, you require to think of preparing your heating, ventilation, and a/c (HVAC) system for fall maintenance. Maintaining your heating & cooling equipment guarantees it’ll run smoothly the method it ought to when you need it. Investing your time and money in these seasonal upkeep tasks goes a long method to safeguard both your Burlington home and your HVAC financial investment, including your wallet. Well-running systems are more energy effective, so they end up costing you less to run all season long.

Fall Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

Just because you will not be turning your air conditioning unit on now doesn’t imply you should ignore it til the spring and summertime. Part of securing your home and devices is winterizing your cooling system.


If you’ve currently had your a/c cleaned and inspected by our. Lougheed Heating and Cooling. specialists before you utilized it this year, you can just ask our heating and cooling expert to winterize your unit while he or she is out cleaning and inspecting your heater.   . Things you can do yourself: Clean off the outside system (condenser) from particles and dirt. If involving water in the process, make sure to turn off the unit’s power or the circuit first. Eliminate any branches, tall grass, or brush within a four-foot proximity to the system. Insulate any exterior-exposed pipes with foam pipeline covers, covering them with duct tape. Cover the system with a plastic or vinyl cover. Some folks have an air-conditioner-specific cover. If you don’t, you can utilize a tarp. Be sure to protect the cover, in whatever kind, with bungee cables or vinyl rope. Perform this step after your HVAC service technician has currently done his or her part in the winterization procedure.
. Things to ask your technician to do: Clear drain lines and pipelines to avoid having standing water in your system all winter season. Clean the coil from dust and dirt. Examine the refrigerant charge, belts and pulleys, and ducts. Tidy and inspect the entire system if you have not had it done yet this year.

Fall Maintenance for Your Heating System

You need to arrange your yearly maintenance consultation for your heater prior to you utilize it for the season, regardless if you have a heater, boiler, or heat pump. This visit should not be avoided, as keeping your heating system in great order will be sure it’s all set when you need it and keep it working correctly throughout the season for you.  . Things you can do yourself: Stock up and change your filters every three months, but if you have allergy concerns, monthly is advised.

Vacuum your vents to keep them clear of dust, preventing additional filter accumulation or decreased indoor air quality.  . Things to ask your service technician to do: Clean and check your heater, including (depending upon whether you have a heater or boiler) all the connections, controls, sensing units, drains, ignitor, ducts, pipes, burners, valves, motors, thermostat( s), and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and advise you on anything you could do between your service check outs. Calibrate your thermostat to be sure the readings and heating are accurate.

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Taking care of your HVAC system consists of seasonal upkeep. With fall here in Burlington and chillier weather trespassing, it makes good sense to call among our. Lougheed Heating and Cooling. specialists at . Request Service

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